NFWL Report:

July 2014


July 2014

In This Issue...

  1. Letter from Senator Allen
  2. NFWL Welcomes Annie Stephenson to the Board!
  3. Lisa McLeod's Leadership Development Article

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Happy July!

I hope everyone had a terrific Fourth of July weekend full of family, food, and fireworks!  Here at NFWL we have been working hard to bring all of our ladies and wonderful partners to the birthplace of America’s freedom, Philadelphia, November 19-22nd for our Annual Conference. Register Today!

Senator Allen meeting with Pennsylvania LegislatorsI had the pleasure of meeting some of Pennsylvania’s finest women last month on another leg of NFWL's Dome Tour. Our friends at Casey Family Programs provided breakfast in Harrisburg, PA and told us about the important steps they are taking in PA to provide and improve – and ultimately prevent the need for – foster care. Many thanks to our gracious hosts Representative Tina Davis and Representative Pam Snyder and to Pennsylvania’s Senior Executive Deputy Attorney General Linda Dale Hoffa.  I was thrilled to converse with such inspiring women!

I am also delighted to announce NFWL has added three new Annual Conference Co-Chairs to our growing roster. Mayor Deborah Buzby-Cope of Bass River Township, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Representatives Tina Davis and Pam Snyder have agreed to join us in Philadelphia and encourage other women legislators to attend as well. NFWL genuinely appreciates their efforts in promoting and building our conference so it will be the best one yet.

The NFWL board held an official meeting June 25, hosted by our friends at Comcast in Washington, DC. We were so pleased to have our newest board members attend their first meeting; they provided thoughtful, intelligent contributions to the conversation. Their fresh perspectives on the Foundation were extremely helpful in moving forward with existing plans as well as creating new programs. We look forward to our next gathering!

Lastly, we warmly welcome Annie Stephenson of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to our Board of Directors! We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with such an influential organization.

Wishing everyone a happy July, and stay tuned for more NFWL updates!

Until next time,

Senator Diane Allen

NFWL welcomes Annie Stephenson to the Board!

We proudly welcome Annie Stephenson of Cancer Treatment Centers of America to the NFWL Board of Directors! Annie Stephenson joined the Board of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in 2006. She is a second- generation member of CTCA’s founding family, and has a passion for revolutionizing cancer care. Her contributions have been instrumental to CTCA’s ongoing commitment to developing breakthrough methodologies that challenge conventional medical wisdom and empower clinicians to take an aggressive, individualized approach to cancer treatment, not found in other institutions.

Outside of CTCA, Ms. Stephenson has served as president, director, co-chair, and volunteer for a number of non-profit and for-profit healthcare organizations and continues to be an active philanthropist. We look forward to learning from Ms. Stephenson and including her unique insight and experience into the workings of NFWL.

Leadership Development

This month, NFWL's Resident Leadership Coach Lisa Earle McLeod of McLeod and More writes:

"Whether it’s making a difference to your family, or improving your clients’ condition, when you have clarity of purpose it acts as a filter for your decision-making. Prioritize things that move the needle in big ways, and disregard the rest. For me, for my family, that means saying yes to situations where I can be with my children, or add value to clients, and hiring out things that are just as easily done by others."

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