Energy, Natural Resources & Agriculture

Legislative Chair: Representative Ann Rydalch (ID)

OVERVIEW: Recognizing that NFWL's women leaders represent varying and diverse regions of the nation, this Committee emphasizes the importance of a balanced portfolio of energy choices to include clean coal, natural gas, petroleum, nuclear, as well as renewable energy sources. The Committee is also working to address critical agricultural issues in rural America.

NFWL's Energy, Natural Resources & Agriculture Policy Committee is working with current and former elected officials from around the nation to address five current Committee goals:

  1. Lower dependency on foreign sources of energy.
  2. Promote a balanced portfolio of energy choices to include clean coal, natural gas, petroleum, nuclear, as well as renewable energy including bio-fuel/mass etc., and infrastructure safety, security and transmission.
  3. Help revitalize the natural resources and agriculture industries in rural America.
  4. Assist developing countries, Native American Reservations, and rural states with energy, natural resources and agricultural needs through technology available through federal labs, the private sector, and universities.
  5. Form coalitions of elected officials as needed such as the NFWL Deepwater Horizon Spill Coalition, bringing the nation together for solutions and impending challenges likely to rise in the coming months/years.

NFWL is constantly working to network and connect women elected officials throughout the country, analyzing and helping solve issues and problems that affect citizens. At NFWL's Annual Conferences, the Committee has heard from established partners such as the Idaho National Laboratory, Monsanto Company, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Western Governors' Association, the Western Business Roundtable, PacifiCorp Energy, Washington Group International, U.S. Dept. of Energy, the National Hydropower Association, American Petroleum Institute (API), the Federal Lab Consortium, ADAGE, BP America, Nuclear Energy Institute, MidAmerican Energy, Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont Pioneer, Bayliss Ranch, Rocky Mountain Power, American Coalition for Clean Coal, the Iowa Farm Bureau and others.

Women are involved and are experts in many aspects of the energy, natural resources and agriculture industry. Many chair or are members of these important committees in their state legislatures.

With the five goals listed above, current and past legislators on NFWL's Energy, Natural Resources & Agriculture Policy Committee are thinking of innovative ways of being energy independent and to help Rural America, developing countries and Native Americans in every way possible including choices, stability and affordability of energy and issues of mutual interest. The team leaders have created a forum in which members from their states can empower and help each other take a more active role in discovering solutions to these problems. This program is a great opportunity for states, tribal governments, industry leaders, and foreign countries to interact and partner with NFWL to create public awareness efforts, identify and address areas of mutual concern about energy, natural resources, and agriculture problems and opportunities, wherever they may exist.

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