Sponsorship Opportunities

About NFWL

The mission of the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) is to provide strategic resources to women leaders for leadership development and effective governance through conferences, seminars, education materials, professional and personal relationships, and networking at both the state and federal levels.

NFWL is a non-partisan 501c-3, educational foundation. Its membership consists of members of the National Order of Women Legislators, (all current and former women elected officials), corporate leadership, and association members.

How NFWL is Sustained

The Foundation is supported through donations and the underwriting of programs throughout the year including the Annual Conference, Washington, D.C./Capitol Hill events, Policy Committee initiatives, and Task Force strategies. NFWL's sponsors include creative thinkers and active leaders who understand the value of funding an organization that empowers elected women through information and experiences.

The Leadership Circle

NFWL's Leadership Circle was created to give the private sector an introduction to the benefits of working with NFWL and become involved with the nation's women legislators in a non-threatening environment that enables communication on a non-partisan level. Leadership Circle members serve in an advisory capacity throughout the year and have the opportunity to share insights with NFWL Leadership and Policy Committee Chairs, routinely. NFWL's Leadership Circle includes organizations dedicated to supporting NFWL's mission.

To jointhe Leadership Circle, please complete the following application:

NFWL's Annual Conference

NFWL's Annual Conference is a national forum designed to encourage the building of alliances among elected women, industry leaders, and issue experts. The Conference fosters a safe environment for sharing ideas, discussing current events, and learning about new initiatives and programs through plenary sessions, workshops, roundtables and policy committees. Presentations throughout the Conference offer elected women new perspectives and innovative ideas that may inevitably lead to policy resolutions and legislation in their respective states. NFWL's Annual Conference is unique because a majority of the elected women who attend the Conference are given travel scholarships to support their participation. As a result, NFWL garners high attendance rates at all Conference events which allows our supporters the opportunity to interact one-on-one with elected women from across the country in a variety of settings.

National Policy Committees & Task Forces

NFWL's National Policy Committees offer elected women and industry experts an opportunity to discuss timely issues facing the nation with the purpose of adopting Resolutions, drafting model legislation, and raising awareness about key programs and initiatives. The Committees are active throughout the year via teleconferences and special events. Official Policy Committee meetings occur at the Annual Conference each fall. NFWL facilitates eight full Committees including: Business, Housing & Economic Development; Crime, Justice, Terrorism & Substance Abuse; Education, & Training; Energy, Natural Resources & Agriculture; Health & Empowerment; International Affairs; Tribal Affairs; and Veterans Affairs. When issues arise that are timely, and require a larger scope of action, NFWL's Policy Committees can immediately move into action and respond with the quick formation of a national Task Force, representing Legislators from across the nation, creating strategy and raising awareness throughout the U.S.

How to Support NFWL

Contributions to the National Foundation for Women Legislators are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

If you would like to receive detailed information pertaining to NFWL's current sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Jody Thomas
Development & Policy Coordinator
Email: jody@jodythomas.com
Phone: 703-354-0501