April 30, 2012

(WASHINGTON, DC) Following a series of devastating tornadoes that hit western Iowa, State Senator Joni Ernst (R-Red Oak), secured donated supplies to distribute in the affected areas.

On April 14th the towns of Creston and Thurman were hit hard by a series of tornadoes. According to Fremont County Emergency Management Director Mike Crecelius, nearly 75% of the small community of Thurman had been destroyed.

In the aftermath of this natural disaster, Ernst joined forces with the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) and Nourish America to secure and distribute over 2,000 bottles of children's vitamins in Creston and Thurman. Ernst was able to provide these communities with nutritious supplements as they focus on rebuilding their families, homes and lives during this difficult time.

Ernst, together with NFWL and Nourish America created a unique coordinated effort to provide life-sustaining supplies to those in need, emphasizing the important role that public-private partnerships play during times of crisis. This generous donation from Nourish America was made possible by Tishcon Corporation and NOW Foods.

Nourish America works to improve the health of children, families, and seniors in need across America by providing nutritional supplements and nourishing foods and has secured and shipped supplies to aid in this coordinated relief effort.

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