Healthcare: Getting Back to Basics

November 18, 2012

Elected women across the nation hear from their constituents far too often that the healthcare system is too hard to navigate. It has become bound by layers that have been created by politics, public opinion and economics. When we peel away the layers and return to fundamentals, it is patients -- the healthcare consumers -- and what they expect and value from their care experience that defines value and quality. Understanding the drivers of patient satisfaction is one very important path to defining quality care.

During NFWL's most recent Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, attendees travelled to the nearby Cancer Treatment Centers of America's (CTCA) Southeastern Regional Medical Center, to learn firsthand why CTCA consistently earns high marks in patient satisfaction. CTCA's leaders and caregivers indicated that it begins simply with listening, to better understand how patients value every dimension of their treatment experience.

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