NFWL Board Chair Sen. Diane Allen Proposes Legislation to Secure Safe Work Environments

Friday, July 24th, 2015
By Rick Rojas,  The New York Times

State lawmakers in New Jersey proposed legislation on Friday intended to protect nail salon workers from unhealthy working conditions and abusive labor practices. The move followed calls for reform in the industry, and the imposition of stricter rules in New York.

The legislation, which was introduced by two Republican state senators, would include stronger enforcement of safety and health standards for workers in licensed nail salons, with random inspections of 5 percent of the state’s salons each year and requirements for ventilation and safety equipment.

In a statement, the proposed law’s other sponsor, State Senator Diane Allen, said workers were “forced to live in fear and put their lives at risk.”

“It is our responsibility,” she said, “to ensure that all workers in New Jersey have access to safe working conditions and that their basic rights are upheld, regardless of what language they speak.”

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