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The Countdown Continues to the…

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September 11-15 in Oklahoma City

Elected women are eligible to apply for Travel & Lodging Scholarships. Complete your conference registration HERE to apply for a scholarship today!

Women in the News
“If We Save One Child from Trauma, We’ve Done Our Job”

charissemillettAK Representative Charisse Millett, a member of NFWL, received overwhelming support in the Alaska House of Representatives for a bill she recently sponsored, “The Alaska Safe Children’s Act”.

Millett’s bill was passed in the House on Thursday, June 11th and now awaits the governor’s signature.

Millett stated “We worked hard to incorporate policies into this bill that protect our children, while staying mindful of the financial burdens of our schools and time of our teachers.”

The “Alaska Safe Children’s Act” provides curriculum designed to prevent and spread awareness about child sexual assault, teen dating violence, and youth suicide prevention in schools. It also requires them to train teachers how to handle situations of child sexual abuse and trauma in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

“If we save one child from trauma, we’ve done our job!”
– Millett

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A Service to Our Service Members


NFWL Member, Wisconsin Representative Dianne Hesselbein was named Legislator of the Year by the Veterans of Foreign Wars this past month!

She received the award on June 4th at a state convention in Wausau, WI, for her dedication to ensuring the success of veterans and active-duty service members in every day life.

Hesselbein is the ranking member of the Assembly Veterans and Military Affairs Committee and is currently sponsoring nine bills that would support members of the U.S. military in various ways. Congratulations Representative Hesselbein!

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Have you made headlines recently? Each month, we want to dedicate our “Women in the News” section to recognizing the accomplishments of our members.

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2015 Conference: What’s New?
Party in the Pavilion!

Honorary Conference Chair, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, is hosting us for an opening night reception in the Pavilion at the Governor’s Mansion!

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to spend an evening with Governor Fallin and your fellow women leaders.


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When: Friday, September 11th

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm Central Time

Please note that the buses will leave the Renaissance Hotel at 5:30pm to take attendees to the Governor’s Mansion.


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Extraordinary Advancements in Cancer Care for Women to be Discussed at CTCA Plenary Session

Winning the Fight Against Cancer: A New Era of Treatment Options-Sept. 12th, 12:00pm-2:00pm

Advances in women’s health are ushering in a promising new era in cancer care. A plenary session hosted by Cancer Treatment Centers of America® will feature a few of these new medical breakthroughs, as well as other important information of interest to all women.

Among the topics to be discussed will be preserving fertility in young female cancer patients, advancements in breast reconstruction that change lives, and natural remedies that reduce stress and increase quality of life.

Never before have so many advanced treatments been available for cancer patients. Panelists will provide a sneak peak at some of these new developments.

nicole longocropped
Nicole Longo, DO, a board certified internist at CTCA Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia and Director of OncoPrez®, a program that offers young female cancer patients clinical options for preserving fertility for the future. She says that early discussions between a patient and her physician can help to identify possible avenues for fertility preservation.

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CTCA Southwestern Medical Director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Rola Eid, DO, has made advanced breast reconstruction a life passion. Witnessing her own mother’s experience with breast reconstruction, Dr. Eid is passionate about her desire to educate women about their options before they undergo drastic breast surgery.

katherine anderson
Rounding out the discussion about medical advancements in cancer treatment will be CTCA Director of Naturopathic Medicine Katherine Anderson, ND, who will offer insight into the latest natural therapies that help minimize side effects of cancer treatment and improve quality of life for all women.

annie stephenson hostetler
Providing the foundation of the discussion during the CTCA panel will be Annie Stephenson Hostetler, an NWFL board member, Chair-Elect of the CTCA National Board of Directors and daughter of CTCA founder, Richard J Stephenson. Her comments will provide perspective of the CTCA commitment to women’s health through an unyielding focus on the Mother Standard® of care (how you would like to see your own mother or any loved one treated), which forms the core of the company’s approach to cancer care.

Click Here to read more about the CTCA Panel and Conference Program

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Local and State Programs to Combat Human Trafficking to be Discussed at ATEST Plenary Session
Runaways at Risk: Youth Homelessness and Human Trafficking-Sept. 12, 8:15am-10:15am

Homeless youth, struggling to meet basic needs such as food and shelter, are among the most vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking for labor and sex. According to one New York City homeless youth service provider, approximately one in four youth they serve has been a victim of sex trafficking or has engaged in survival sex. Homeless youth are also trafficked into labor, such as in the magazine sales crews that received media attention over the last year.

In this plenary session, you’ll hear first from panelists who experienced homelessness in their teens. Their stories of resilience will inspire leadership among audience members to strengthen policies and programs that support runaway and homeless youth. You’ll learn how these young men and women overcame difficult circumstances, what contributed most to their survival, and where the gaps in policies and practices are that made their journeys out of homelessness even more challenging.

logo-atestA second panel, moderated by Melysa Sperber of the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST), will feature service providers and policy advocates who will help you turn inspiration into action to prevent runaway and homeless youth from becoming prey for human traffickers. Learn about local and state programs that are working to keep youth off the streets, and hear what you can do to support federal policies that prevent runaway and homeless youth in your communities, including the estimated 40 percent of homeless youth who identify as LGBT and who predominantly cite family rejection as the reason for their homelessness.

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Nominate an Elected Woman of Excellence

We all have that one woman who made a difference in our lives. If you know an elected woman who has gone above and beyond to make a difference, nominate her to be a “Woman of Excellence”

mayaangelouquoteThe Elected Women of Excellence Award was created in 2013 to identify and honor the accomplishments of women who have worked tirelessly, often breaking down barriers & overcoming obstacles that once seemed insurmountable, to serve their communities.

Click Here to nominate a deserving elected woman for this year’s award. Hurry! The deadline to submit a nomination is July 27th.

Leadership Development
Why Culture Matters More Than Goals

by Lisa McLeod

What’s the culture of your organization? Is it an environment where things get done on time, every time? Or are deadlines more flexible? Do you believe in having fun, or is it more serious? Every organization has a culture, so does every family. Culture is the, usually, unspoken beliefs about how things work around here.

Culture is often what enables or prevents an organization from achieving goals. For example, if an organization sets a goal to increase on time deliveries, but the culture tolerates excuses, it’s unlikely that the team will achieve the goal. The company can provide incentives, and it may drive a short-term spike, but in the end, the culture will ultimately prevail.

Why does this happen?

It’s a case of implicit versus explicit. Most leaders are explicit about goals, they write them down, share them, and measure against them. But when it comes to culture, it’s more implicit. We assume people should just “know” how to behave. I consistently observe that success is directly connected to a leader’s ability to be explicit about their culture.

Here are three ways you can fast track your team, be they your coworkers or your kids, to a culture of success.

1. Name & claim your own true and noble purpose.

2. Establish clear, concise values.

3. Focus on behavior first, outcomes second.

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Lisa McLeod is the creator of the popular business concept Noble Purpose and author of the bestseller, Selling with Noble Purpose. She is a sales leadership consultant and keynote speaker. Organizations like Genentech, Google, & Kaiser hire her to help them grow revenue.

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