NFWL Newsletter – October 2015

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

NFWL Newsletter: Special Conference Recap Edition

Quotes, Pictures, and a Special Plenary Wrap Up from the 2015 Annual Conference!

Oh how we loved Oklahoma!

We learned…

Formerly homeless youth share their stories with elected women | Working together to find solutions in Leadership Development | Former Sen. Ray Haynes at the “Every Vote Counts” workshop

Media experts teaching attendees what it means to be “camera ready” | NFWL State Director, VA Councilwoman Amelia Ross-Hammond, engages with speakers during workshop Q&A

Florida Rep. Daphne Campbell leads Step Therapy Workshop | Commissioner Dana Murphy and panel at the Energy Plenary | “From Hope to Cures” workshop on biopharmaceutical innovation

Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante-Adams giving a report from the state of Nevada | Returning war veteran, Major Jill Finken, shares her story at the “Women and War” workshop

FL Rep. Gayle Harrell calls for improvements to foster care | Pew talks retirement savings at a roundtable session | FL Rep. Sharon Pritchett asks more about criminal justice reform

NFWL Strategist, Renee Dabbs, introduces the website Grab ‘n Go Resource Center | OK Governor Mary Fallin & DE Rep. Helene Keeley enjoy the Installation Dinner

We made memories…

Sam Allen and Ian Walters entertain us at the Governor’s Mansion | Friendly competition at the Leadership Development training | NV Assemblywoman Michele Fiore shows off her scarf from Christina Fallin

Councilwoman Alexander, Sen. Pittman, Sen. Winters, & Rep. Beasley Teague smile for the camera at Remington Park | Governor Mary Fallin becomes an honorary “Jersey Girl”

NFWL board members get the party started on the dance floor | NFWL ladies show the world how the electric slide is done | NJ Senator Diane Allen dances with student scholarship recipient Fatmeh Cheaib

Raffle winners, FL Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed and IL Rep. Barbara Wheeler show off their prizes from the Chickasaw Nation

We gave our ladies a night off to see the sights, have some laughs, get to know one another, and #ExploreOKC

Sen. Judy Emmons (MI), Councilwoman Helen Holton (MD), Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (MI) | Sen. Diane Allen (NJ), Sen. Katrina Shealy (SC), Rep. Gayle Harrell (FL) | Rep. Rosa Gill (NC), Councilwoman Maria Cabrera (DE), Rep. Bobbie Richardson (NC)

NJ Freeholder Serena DiMaso and Judge Susan Sheppard strike a pose at the NFWL Photobooth | AZ County Supervisor Cheryl Chase teaches Charlie how to tango at the Installation Dinner

We came together.

Oklahoma ladies welcome NFWL elected women to their state | Elected women from four states connect at the opening reception | Montana women are in the house…well just outside it anyway

NFWL Board, Chickasaw Governor Bill Anoatubby and the Chickasaw Princesses at Remington Park | Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, and Nevada “crossing state lines” at the Installation Dinner

ME Rep. Stacey Guerin recieves her Woman of Excellence Award from NFWL Board Members | The NFWL 2015 Women of Excellence | The NFWL Ladies of the Chickasaw Nation

Making new friends from all over the country | NFWL/NRA Scholarship Recipients with NRA Managing Director Millie Hallow & the Honorable J.C. Watts Jr.

Minnesota ladies at the NFWL Photobooth | WA Councilwoman Lydia Assefa-Dawson and AK Rep. Charisse Millett at the Governor’s Mansion | FL Reps. Kristin Jacobs and Holly Raschein pose for a quick pic

The newly elected 2016 NFWL Board of Directors with OK Governor Mary Fallin | Finally, the ultimate group shot: the elected women of NFWL

See you next year in Orlando! #NFWL2016

Advancements in Cancer Care: Fat Grafting, Egg Freezing and…Caffeine!
Clinicians offered new hope in cancer treatment at annual conference

Advances in genomic testing, breast reconstruction, fertility preservation and the benefits of caffeine and “belly breathing” were just a few of the exciting items discussed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) clinicians at this year’s annual NFWL conference in Oklahoma City, OK.alt

In this changing healthcare landscape, we were reminded that leaders and legislators continue to care deeply about the needs of those living with cancer and their ability to access therapies that can save, or at the very least change, lives.

A breast surgeon, naturopathic doctor and fertility specialist addressed clinical and naturopathic advancements available to women today. Speakers provided messages of innovation and hope.


Women’s Healthcare Rights

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Rola Eid, DO reminded attendees that the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 mandated health insurers who offer mastectomy coverage to include health coverage for procedures related to the mastectomy, namely breast and nipple reconstruction, regardless of cancer stage. Many women are unaware of their rights when it comes to reconstruction.

Due to developments in treatment, millions of women diagnosed with cancer are surviving. After that difficult battle, however, some now barely recognize themselves in the mirror.

“Millions upon millions of women are living with some type of disfiguration or asymmetry,” said Dr. Eid. “But the treatment options available today mean they don’t have to accept this situation.”

Dr. Eid encourages a collaborative effort on the part of the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon to achieve natural looking breasts post mastectomy. Immediate reconstruction for those who are candidates, as well as advancements like lipo-sculpting or fat grafting—a process for the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the breast—are becoming the gold standard in breast cancer treatment today.


Naturopathic Medicine and Quality of Life

CTCA® naturopathic doctors use evidence-based therapies that complement clinical treatment to support patients physically and emotionally, enhancing their quality of life while reducing side effects both during and after treatment. However, naturopathic treatments aren’t just for cancer patients. Many naturopathic treatments can be used by all of us to improve health in every aspect of our lives.”A simple thing like breathing has such a huge impact on stress levels; but not all of us know how to do it well,” said Katherine Anderson, ND, chief of naturopathic medicine at CTCA.

“Breathing from the belly can make all the difference. It’s something we all can do to relax and be healthier – whether we have cancer or not. It’s something you can teach your constituents, too!”Dr. Anderson also offered some welcome news to many with her teachings on coffee. “Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet…and colon cancer patients who drank between two and four cups of coffee a day showed a 52 percent lower risk of tumor recurrence and death from the disease,” she said.


Fertility Preservation

As cancer is continually transitioning to a more chronic disease, patients are living longer. There is an expectation among many patients that they will return to a more normal life, which may include having a family. Nicole Longo, DO, who heads the CTCA OncoPrez® program, explained how ever-evolving advances in fertility preservation technology help bring hope to cancer patients.

“Asking questions and addressing the preservation of fertility early in the treatment process can lead to a greater variety of options down the road,” she said. “There are many factors that can affect fertility as a cancer patient, but now we have options – including options to retrieve and freeze eggs.”

Dr. Longo emphasized the importance of asking questions early and not being afraid to express fertility concerns. “Remember that the earlier the questions are raised, the more options there are available,” she said. “Family planning is individual, so consider what best fits your own family model.”

A few of the questions generated at the plenary session could not be answered due to time constraints. If you still have questions, contact the Public Affairs office at 1-561-923-3198.

If you or one of your constituents would like to learn more about becoming a patient at CTCA, call 1-800-FOR-HOPE or chat with us online at

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