2014 NFWL Elected Women of Excellence Award Recipient Jenniffer González first woman elected as Puerto Rico Delegate to Congress

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Puerto Rico House Minority Leader Representative Jenniffer González-Colón was elected this past November 8 as Puerto Rico’s Delegate to Congress (known locally as Resident Commissioner), being the first woman to hold that office since its creation in 1901, and the highest vote getting official in Puerto Rico in the 2016 election.
González-Colón, a lifelong activist for Puerto Rico statehood, entered elected office as a Representative in a 2002 special Election at which time she was the youngest member of the House.  In her time in office she quickly rose through the ranks becoming Government Committee Chair in her second term in office and Speaker in her third.
During her time in the legislature she figured prominently in authoring, supporting and passing bills on veterans’ services, identity protection, victim’s rights, domestic violence prevention, improving the business climate, lowering utility costs, voting rights and financing, environmental protection, tax relief and government streamlining.  Her platform as Congressional Delegate focuses on legislation to spur economic recovery in Puerto Rico, the elimination of discriminatory treatment for Puerto Rico’s three and a half million US Citizens in federal regulation, services and funding.
A product of the public schools and holder of a Master’s in Law, González-Colón is currently the Chair of the Puerto Rico Republican Committee, and First Vice Chair of the local New Progressive Party, the standard bearer for Puerto Rico’s statehood.
Press contact: Marieli Padró (marielipr@gmail.com)