Freeholder Hayes Appointed To Leadership Position in National Organization

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
Cape May County Herald

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Cape May County Freeholder E. Marie Hayes has been selected to serve in a leadership role for the National Foundation for Women Legislators, the nation’s oldest non-partisan organization addressing the needs of elected women at the city, county, and state levels of government.

Hayes was recently appointed to serve on the 2017 Bylaws Committee for the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL).

“I am honored to have been appointed to a pivotal role in this highly regarded organization. As a woman and an elected official the issues addressed by this organization are near and dear to my heart. It is a privilege to serve on the Bylaws committee and to work with women leaders from throughout the country,” said Hayes.

As a member of the Bylaws Committee, Freeholder Hayes will contribute to all committee business by considering proposed amendments and submitting a report at the Annual Conference. The committee will also review the existing bylaws, recommend changes, present subsequent changes at the annual general membership meeting, and ensure the organization is in compliance with the bylaws.

Elected women from across the country will gather in Minneapolis, Minnesota November 14-18, for NFWL’s Annual Conference to identify effective solutions to some of the nation’s most timely and pressing issues. Providing a non-partisan environment that encourages dialogue and the sharing of information and experiences, women leaders are able to build coalitions, share the concerns of their constituents, and identify out-of-the-box solutions to the most pressing issues facing their communities today.

“We are so honored Freeholder Hayes has accepted a leadership position in our foundation,” shared Minnesota State Senator Carrie Ruud, NFWL’s 2017 Chair. “She will play a crucial role in the continued success of NFWL, as we embark on our most exciting year yet.”

Hayes begins serving in her new position immediately and will hold this office through the end of 2017.

About the National Foundation for Women Legislators, Inc. (NFWL):

Through annual educational and networking events, the National Foundation for Women Legislators supports elected women from all levels of governance. As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, NFWL does not take ideological positions on public policy issues, but rather serves as a forum for women legislators to be empowered through information and experience.

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