NFWL Honored to be Grant Recipient for Civil Discourse Initiative

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


(Alexandria, VA) – The National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) has joined together with the State Legislative Leaders Foundation and the National Institute for Civil Discourse, Next Generation to combine forces to find a way to bring together legislative leaders and restore civility. This partnership has been made possible by Bridge Alliance inaugural collective impact grants.


Together, the three state policy organizations will combine forces to improve the workings of state legislatures nationwide by bringing together legislators from across the country to study how to talk with others with opposing views and how to reach policy decisions without or with minimum acrimony. This is a vital step toward improving governance.


“Our goal is to make local government meetings and decision making more effective,” said Jody Thomas, Executive Director of NFWL. “We will distribute toolkits to make public meetings more productive, and guides to show people inside and outside of local government how to communicate with each other,” she concluded.


The partnership will convene 24 state legislative leaders from around the country, August 2-4, 2017 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a unique conference experience. The conference will offer leaders an opportunity to examine the political dysfunction plaguing state legislatures nationwide, develop skills in conflict resolution and communication, and participate in NICD’s “Building Trust through Civil Discourse” workshop which has been held in 15 states with over 500 lawmakers having participated.


Collaboration requires compromise and playing to one’s strengths. NFWL is thrilled to have connected with such passionate people working to change the status quo. This initiative is a long term commitment for everyone involved. Bridge Alliance will be initiating a second round of collective impact funding in the fall of 2017. Bridge Alliance is committed to combating the toxicity present in discourse today.


Elected women who are interested in learning more about this initiative should connect with


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