Mother’s Day 2017- Representative Tarah Toohil

Sunday, May 14th, 2017
By Representative Tarah Toohil, 

To celebrate Mother’s Day 2017, NFWL asked members to share their stories of their mothers and motherhood. Here is Pennsylvania State Representative Tarah Toohil’s story:

I became a mother through adopting through foster care.  A little known fact is that roughly 60% of the children who enter the Child Welfare system are later adopted. So, the odds are more than likely that children who enter the system will be in need of a Forever Home. With so many families out there suffering from infertility or having room in their hearts to adopt it just does not make sense that these amazing children are out there looking for stability and permanency.

Often there is a stigma attached to the foster care system and the children, themselves, seem to get categorized as throw-aways. People assume that there must be something wrong with the child or they must have acted horribly.  In reality, the world may not have been kind to this child and they were left neglected or abused. Perhaps, they are an infant who was born into a family suffering with drug addiction and they are in need of an adoptive home.

This Mother’s Day I would say to the women out there who dream of being a mother someday… if you have room in your heart, if you have room in your home… please consider fostering a child.  A child is a gift in your life.  You will quickly see that they do not need to be your own flesh and blood for you to love them just the same.