Julie Emerson Has Been Selected to be a Finalist for the ’30 Under 30′ Award

Thursday, October 5th, 2017
By Kevin Boyd,  The Hayride

Why should you vote for Julie Emerson? Simply put she has become an effective state legislator in her brief tenure in Baton Rouge. She has led the way on much needed occupational licensing and criminal justice reforms this past session.

From Red Alert Politics:

Approached in December 2014 about challenging a well-funded, young Democrat incumbent for her state House seat, Julie charted a new and unexpected course. Although active in the Party and campaigns for years, she was relatively unknown as a potential legislative candidate in her area. Polling at 3% in the beginning, she worked her way up to winning with 51% becoming the only Republican to defeat an incumbent Democrat in a 2015 Louisiana legislative race. In 2016, she was sworn in as the youngest member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and the youngest Republican female to ever be elected to the House.

As a legislator, Julie has built a reputation as a reliable conservative who doesn’t cave to pressure. To this point she has received a 100% lifetime voting record with the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry for supporting job-creation and de-regulation, a 100% lifetime rating with Louisiana Right to Life, two “Family Advocate” awards and a “Life and Liberty” award by the Louisiana Family Forum, and a Conservative Achievement Award from the American Conservative Union for being one of the Top 5 most conservative legislators in the state. As a result of this recognition, the organizers of CPAC invited her to serve as a panelist in February of 2017. Most recently, Julie was nationally recognized by the Coalition for Public Safety for her work on justice reform from a conservative perspective.

Then Congressman-elect Clay Higgins appointed Julie to head his transition team after his victory in 2016. Julie is also currently running for Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party.

Finally, if you want to see Julie, you can come see her speak at the 2017 Fall Hayride Dinner in Lafayette on Nov. 1.

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