2018 Chair Farewell

Representative Kim Dudik, Montana State Legislature, NFWL 2018 Chair
December 2018
I want to thank you for the honor of serving as the 2018 Chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators.  This organization truly embodies the spirit we as public servants and all citizens need to strive for – we look to find common ground, respect, hope, and a way forward to improve the lives of the citizens we represent.  We do this for our families, friends, constituents, and for the future we want to see.  Every step forward, no matter what size, is a step in the right direction.
In this final article of my term as chair, I want to provide some information that may spark a way for you to impact your communities:
  1. Host a Red Sand Project to raise awareness about human trafficking.  Participate in this demonstration public art project to provide a visual reminder about people falling through the cracks with human trafficking. https://redsandproject.org 
  2. Host an Hour of Code to promote STEM educational opportunities.  https://hourofcode.com/us/how-to/public-officials
  3. Pass the NFWL Proclamation for Celebrating Women in Public Office Day
    March 19, 2019, is the next day.  Put it on your calendar.  Celebrate women having the fortitude to serve. https://www.womenlegislators.org/grab-n-go/nfwl-proclamation/
  4. Share your Story Video Project
    Make a short video to share your story and inspire other women and young girls to lead by example. What are you passionate about and why did you decide to run?https://www.womenlegislators.org/grab-n-go/share-your-story-video-project/
  5. Look into starting a NEW Leadership Program in your state
    In cooperation with the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers and a college in your state, consider starting or becoming involved with this nonpartisan college women’s leadership program that teaches leadership, history of women in politics, and exposes participants to various female leaders with the goal being more women seeing themselves serving in public office. http://www.cawp.rutgers.edu/education_training/NEW_Leadership/overview
  6. Update your state’s minor human trafficking laws with Shared Hope International.
    SHI provides a state report care and grades in six areas of law regarding how to effectively address and respond to minor sex trafficking.  A customized toolkit with state-specific resources is providedhttps://www.womenlegislators.org/grab-n-go/state-report-cards/
  7. Host a Movie Screening:
    • She Started It – behind the scenes film about women tech entrepreneurs  https://www.shestarteditfilm.com/request-a-screening/
    •  Campaign for Youth Justice – focused on ending prosecution and incarceration of youths in the adult criminal justice system http://www.campaignforyouthjustice.org/yjam/images/resources/Film_Screening_Tool-Kit.pdf
    • Paper Tigers – shows dramatic impact to troubled teens when a school incorporates the ACE studies into their education and support services https://kpjrfilms.co/paper-tigers/host-a-screening/
    • Dirt! The Movie – shows the environmental, economic, social and political impact that soil has http://www.dirtthemovie.org/host-a-screening/
    • Generation Startup – in-the-trenches look at what it takes to launch a startup (set in Detroit) http://www.generationstartupthefilm.com/hostascreening/
    • City of Trees – follows 2 years in the story of a green job-training program that tried to reduce poverty and violence in Washington, DC by improving parks https://www.cityoftreesfilm.com
    • The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees – expert exploration of humans’ connection to forests, exploring science, folklore, and restoration challenges  http://calloftheforest.ca/screening-guide/
    • Look and See – portrait of the changing landscapes and shifting values of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture (set in Kentucky) https://lookandseefilm.com/request-screening/
    • Watershed  – explores threats to the Colorado River and offers solutions for the future of the American West regarding water supply http://watershedmovie.com/get-involved/host-a-screening/
    • Walk With Me– explore life within a monastic community in the South West of France and what it means to devote one’s life to mindfulness http://walkwithmefilm.com/blog/details/22504/host-a-screening-frequently-asked-questions
    • Blue the Filmhighlights the challenges our oceans are facing, including pollution, overfishing, declining marine life, destruction of habitats, and how to move forward and make a positive impact https://bluethefilm.org/host-a-screening/

I hope some of these ideas may inspire you in some way. In the spirit of building all women up, please encourage woman you know to become involved – to run for office, to serve on a city/county/state commission or committee, or to become involved in whatever way she can.  This involvement is so important because it creates the path for more women serving in elected office.  We are creating our future every day with the actions we take.  Let’s keep working together to make it a bright one.

And if you ever find yourself in Montana with some time to spare, please let me know and I would love to show you around our great state. My door is always open.