January 2018 Newsletter

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018


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January 2018 Newsletter

Take Part in NFWL’s Proclamation

NFWL is proud to launch our biggest initiative of 2018: “Celebrating Women in Public Office Day.” We know elected women greatly contribute to their communities, often without recognition. This is why we are working to make March 19 each year “Celebrating Women in Public Office Day” to honor the selfless and difficult work of elected women. Use our template and let us know how we can support you in getting this passed in your city, county, and/or state.

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Commit to Civility in 2018

At our 2017 Annual Conference, we launched our Civility Ambassador Program, in partnership with the National Institute for Civil Discourse. Each NFWL event in 2018 will feature civil discourse leadership training, allowing you to develop expertise on this issue. We also have tools to help you bring civility discussions to your legislative body and community.

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2017 Annual Conference In Review

Pictures, presentations, and more!
Whether you were able to join us in Minneapolis, Minnesota for our 2017 Annual Conference or want to learn more about the event, our re-cap page has you covered. Don’t forget to share what you learned using #NFWL2017.

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Partner Post

You’ve met The Pew Charitable Trusts on the Grab ‘n Go programming page of our website, at the 2017 State Director Leadership Summit, and at several of our Annual Conferences. Read below to learn more about the latest evidence-based policymaking research from the Results First Initiative team.

This is a must-read for all elected women!

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Partner Post

All of us are touched by chronic disease. Conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s, affect our own health and that of family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Chronic disease is the number one cause of death and disability, and is central to rising health care costs.

Chronic conditions challenge us in terms of lives lost, cut short and diminished; economic hardship for individuals, families and government; reduced productivity in the workplace, and inefficiency and frustration across the health care ecosystem. The toll is high and growing.

Legislators and other public officials are ideally positioned to interpret the rising tide of chronic illness and the leverage a growing body of evidence, strategies, and models to improve public health policies, programs, and practices. The National Foundation for Women Legislators highlighted this issue and potential solution strategies at its recent conference in Minneapolis, where the findings and recommendations of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) were shared.

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Join Us for a Conference Call to Learn More!

All elected women are invited to participate
Date: February 6, 2018
Time: 2:00pm EST
RSVP: Click here

**Call-in information will be supplied after you RSVP**

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2018 Annual Conference
Omni Shoreham ~ Washington, D.C.
November 13-17

Partner Post

Honda is a safety leader in the auto industry, and at this year’s annual conference, Ember Brillhart, Honda’s Manager of State Relations discussed policy measures states could take to improve motor vehicle safety.

For policy makers who want to make our roads safer, Ember discussed Honda’s legislative efforts aimed at stopping the proliferation of counterfeit airbags. Airbags are critical safety equipment, credited with saving over one million lives since their inception. Ineffective counterfeits are flooding the market and are being sold online to unscrupulous repair shops who install these products in the vehicles of unknowing consumers. Honda is working closely with federal authorities to keep these products out of the marketplace, but counterfeiters are exploiting holes in federal and state laws to avoid prosecution. Honda has worked with stakeholders to enact model legislation in 15 states to close this loophole.

Ember also discussed the ongoing Takata inflator recall, an unprecedented recall affecting approximately 34 million vehicles, and 19 automakers’ airbags. Honda is going to great lengths to notify consumers about this recall including making over 100 million individual outreach attempts via telephone, email, direct mailing, text messaging and door to door canvasing. Honda also recently created a Public Service Announcement (PSA) encouraging affected drivers to check the status of their vehicle and have any defective airbag inflator remedied free of charge at any Honda dealership immediately, that we encourage you to share with your constituents. For more information about these efforts please visit For more information about these efforts please visit www.hondaairbaginfo.com or contact Ember Brillhart at ember_brillhart@hna.honda.com or (202) 661-4400.

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