May 2018 Newsletter

Monday, May 7th, 2018


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Spring Into Action with NFWL!

In This Issue:

  1. Support the Next Generation of Women Leaders
  2. Express Interest in the NFWL Workforce Development Summit
  3. Nominate Elected Women for ACYPL
  4. Nominate a Woman-Owned Business
  5. Check out NFWL’s PSAs
  6. Keeping up with NFWL

Support the Next Generation of Women Leaders

NFWL Chair Montana State Representative Kimberly Dudik is inviting all elected women to join her in supporting the Center for American Women in Politics’ NEW Leadership Program.

CAWP’s NEW Leadership program was designed to educate and inspire the next generation of women leaders through a six-day residential program. The program is for young women in college. Throughout the week, young women participants have the opportunity to meet successful women leaders. By the end of the week, attendees are inspired to become more involved in the political process. Survey results show that program participants do become more engaged in politics after attending the CAWP NEW Leadership Program.

How Can You Get Involved?
You can build a NEW Leadership Program in your state, meet with young women attendees, support other NEW Leadership Programs, and more by becoming a National Network Partner. Click the button below to get involved in this incredible opportunity.

Support Women Today

Join NFWL for a Workforce Development Summit

Are you interested in workforce development? NFWL is bringing elected women from across the country to Alexandria, VA for an invitation-only Workforce Development Summit August 20-21. Submit a brief interest form as soon as possible. NFWL will start reaching out to select elected women soon with an invitation and registration instructions.

Express Interest

Nominate a Woman-Owned Business

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Metlife are presenting the Dream Big Awards. There is a special award for a Woman-Owned Business. NFWL loves to support women in all capacities, which is why we are sharing this opportunity with all of you. If you own a small business, take a moment to apply for this prestigious award. And don’t forget to nominate your favorite woman-owned business!

Nominate a Businesswoman

Nominate Elected Women for International Trips

Do you know an elected woman who is a rising leader between the ages of 25 and 40? The American Council for Young Political Leaders is looking for women to join their international exchange trips. This is a great opportunity to meet other promising leaders and learn more about governments in other nations.

Nominate Elected Women

Check Out NFWL’s PSAs


At NFWL’s 2017 Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN, we partnered with Safe America Foundation to film PSAs on a variety of public safety topics from human trafficking to identity theft. Our YouTube channel now features a playlist of PSAs starring our elected women members. Check it out.
Watch the Playlist

Keeping up with NFWL

Red Sand Project

In April, NFWL Chair Representative Kimberly Dudik asked our members to honor Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month by participating in the Red Sand Project. Here’s a special shout out to Senator Carol Blood (Nebraska) and Mayor Lorraine Hatcher (Riverside, New Jersey) for participating in the project and sharing with us on social media!

Celebrating Earth Day with Verizon

On April 23, NFWL attended an event at Verizon’s Technology and Policy Center. In celebration of Earth Day, the panel focused on how 5G networks of the future will promote sustainability, while also discussing the role of smart cities in achieving this goal.

National Week of Conversation

NFWL partnered with the Bridge Alliance during the National Week of Conversation (April 20-28). We asked our elected women members to join in civility events. At NFWL’s Board Meeting on April 28, we even led our Board of Directors in one of the week’s conversations! Thanks to all those who participated and shared your events with us on social media.


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