March 2020 Newsletter

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020


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With COVID-19 demanding the immediate attention of elected women from across the country, we hope you can take a moment to celebrate yourselves. We know you have more important issues at hand, but this month we celebrated Women in Public Office Day, and wanted to let you all know we are thinking of you. These are hard times, and we know you’re working harder than the coronavirus. As we celebrate Women’s Suffrage Centennial throughout the year and Women’s History Month throughout March, we hope you know you’re all in our thoughts. We’re so thankful that at this critical point in history, women like you are in office, taking care of their constituents, and leading with poise.


Supporting Remote Learning During COVID19 Crisis: A Note from our friends at iCivics

This is a time that is testing our mettle, our civic spirit if you will. Just when our country is extremely polarized, we are asking our nation to come together for the common good. In the sacrifices families are making every day, we see great strength and a sense of civic duty.
Most American schools are now closed, possibly for the rest of the school year, and iCivics has been working non-stop, and in close collaboration with our partners, to support educators, parents and students during this period of uncertainty.

To help teachers and parents, we’ve launched a new Teaching from Home Toolkit.  iCivics’ free online games are a great way to engage and motivate kids, help them continue to build important civics skills, and provide much-needed structure in their day. We suggest starting with their free online games available in their School Closure Toolkit. Each game can be played in 30-45 minutes:

We have also announced the first in a series of topical webinars and online forums for teachers hosted by our Curriculum team.

To address concerns about equitable access to iCivics’ resources, particularly for the millions of students without access to the internet in the home, we have prepared detailed advice about pre-loading iCivics games on devices without internet access. We are also working with partners to identify additional opportunities to bridge the digital divide.

And we understand that millions of parents have become home-school teachers overnight (many may be reading this right now) – often in addition to working remotely. iCivics’ Director of Social Engagement, Amber Coleman Mortley, who is also a former teacher, varsity coach and parent blogger, recently shared advice in a love letter to educators and parents during school closures.

Through our leadership of CivXNow, a national coalition of civic education organization, we are organizing a cooperative effort to address the needs of school administrators, students, teachers, and parents. We’ve assembled an incredible rapid response team that includes leadership from: iCivics, the National Constitution Center, the Bill of Rights Institute, Generation Citizen, Mikva Challenge, and Facing History and Ourselves. We are working hard on organizing a meaningful field-wide response. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening by visiting

NFWL was excited to engage in National Week of Conversation 2020, but the initiative has been postponed in light of this immediate need to serve our neighbors and nation. We know that you are all already working together across the aisle to withstand this crisis.  We are excited to support our friends at the National Conversation Project on their digital initiative to help bring communities together. By #WeavingCommunity now, we will be a stronger, more genuinely connected society on the other side of the pandemic.
Get Involved

Suffrage Centennial with #FlatSusan

We sent out toolkits with materials to all State Directors, and you can instantly download a “Flat Susan” HERE.
We hope to have a picture in every state capital at some point this year, but you can still have fun while session and meetings are on pause and you’re home. Take a #FlatSusan picture of wherever you are and whoever you’re with! Let us know where she is and what she means to you.


Pennsylvania Representative Tarah Toohil and #FlatSusan explaining what your kids can do at home to celebrate the Suffrage Centennial with their Flat Susan. 

Use our platform to connect with elected women across the country. Tag us on your Facebook and Twitter posts using @electedwomen and we will continue to share. Spread the word on what is important to you!





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