2022 Annual Conference Policy Wrap Up


Industry Update on Health Equity and Clinical Trials: Why this Matters for Your Constituents
COVID-19 and the disproportionate impact it has had on communities of color has shown us that the time to fix inequities in our health care system is right now. This session focused on the importance of improving clinical trial diversity and building an industry workforce that better represents the diversity of the United States by encouraging a culture of inclusion and investments in educational pathways.

Speakers: Sharon Lamberton, Deputy Vice President, PhRMA, NFWL Board and Rebecca Marklund, Senior Director, Public Affairs, PhRMA


Criminal Justice Reform & Addiction
There are a growing number of jails and prisons that provide medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) – methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone – the standard of care for treating opioid use disorder (OUD). Jails and prisons are key settings to provide MOUD given the need for treatment among people who are incarcerated and at increased risk of opioid overdose and death upon release from jail or prison. Policymakers are key advocates to ensuring jails and prisons have the resources to provide OUD care. Attendees learned how states have used policy to increase access to MOUD within correctional facilities.

Speaker: Alexandra Duncan, Senior Officer, Substance Use Prevention and Treatment, The Pew Charitable Trusts


Period Poverty & Access

Period poverty is a public health issue, and session focused on the need for period product access, featured a legislative update on the issue, and a discussion on the taboo and need.

Speakers: Lacey Gero, Policy & Coalition Coordinator, Alliance for Period Supplies, Representative Kate Farrar, Connecticut State Legislature, Lorraine Riffle Caron, Vice President, Global Government Relations at Kimberly-Clark, NFWL Board


Connect with your Policy Roundtables Hosts 

  • Modernizing the DMV: Your TV no longer has an antenna, and your windows roll up automatically… why is your DMV still using pen and paper when you buy a car? Table Host: Cheyenne Trimels, Senior Liaison, Government Affairs, Carvana
  • Building an Energy Workforce: Learn more about the energy workforce, programs and educational partnerships that API offers. Table Host: Caitlin Vincent, MPA, Regional Mobilization Manager, The American Petroleum Institute.
  • Intro to Web3 and the Metaverse, All You Need to Know: Dive in to the tech industry buzzwords, and what to expect for the crypto future. Table Host: Dustin Plantholt, Forbes Monaco Editor ‘Crypto’, Founder of MonteCrypto Group & Crypterns
  • Electric Vehicles and Electric Companies: EEI estimates that roughly 26.4 million electric vehicles will be on US roads by 2030. With increasing energy demand and expectations for economy-wide greenhouse gas reductions, the industry is now in a unique position to enable de-carbonization for other economic sectors including the transportation sector. Come chat about how electric companies are working to help support clean transportation options across the country. Table Host: Alexis Sulentic, Senior Manager, External Affairs, Edison EIectric Institute
  • Leaning into Clean Energy Policy: Look at a variety of energy issues including how companies like Marathon are sharpening their focus on meeting the world’s energy needs while lowering the carbon intensity of our operations and the products they manufacture. Table Host: Liz Bahnsen, Manager of State Government Affairs, Southeast Region, Marathon Petroleum Corporation
  • Drug-Induced Movement Disorders and Telehealth Policy Considerations: Talk through drug-induced movement disorders, the causes, and the challenges of telehealth with this patient population. Table Host: Karla Kiriako, Director, State Government Affairs, Neurocrine Biosciences
  • Advances in Alzheimer’s Care: Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most critical public health issues in America, with one in three seniors dying with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Learn more about the many initiatives the Alzheimer’s Association is leading to connect elected women with critical resources for their constituents and families. Table Host: Taylor Wilson, Director of Government Affairs, Alzheimer’s Association – South Carolina Chapter
  • The Importance of Pet Adoption: Communities are struggling with an unprecedented number of pets crowding shelters. We’ll discuss practical policy solutions to animal welfare, care, and control challenges your state or local government can implement to promote fiscally sound policies that support animal sheltering and keep pets and families together. Table Host: Kelsey Gilmore-Futeral, Esq., Best Friends Animal Society

Eliminating Health Disparities
When everyone works together to better understand the unique concerns that contribute to persistent health gaps for minority groups, there is an opportunity for change. This session focused on a platform developed to help Hispanic communities and highlight ways to bridge gaps.

Speaker:  Mario Anglada, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Hoy Health


Focus on Mental Health
Serious mental illness imposes a heavy burden on individuals, families, and our healthcare system; this burden has a disproportionate impact on women, communities of color, and veterans. This session talked  about what patients face as they navigate access to care and underscore the need for innovation in treatment.

Speakers: Representative Jamie Belsito, Massachusetts State Legislature, Senator Gayle Harrell, Florida State Legislature, and Marlon Fuller, PharmD, Senior Medical Science Liaison, Neuropsychiatry


Diverse Energy Portfolios
Customers are looking for energy companies who are investing and dedicated to developing more renewable energy sources. This looked at various clean energy technologies like hydrogen, wind, and carbon capture being utilized by energy companies to meet customer needs, and bring focus to the future of new, flexible nuclear power and small modular reactors.

Speakers: Felicia Rhue Howard, Vice President Economic Development Strategy, Dominion Energy and Carol Lane, Government Relations, X-energy


Education at Any Age
This session looked at how in partnership with educators, government agencies, and community leaders across the nation, Graduation Alliance provides versatile pathways to high school graduation for youth and adults, fosters college and career exploration, and connects job creators to skilled and ready workers.

Speakers: Erin Luper, PhD, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Graduation Alliance and Kristian Starner, Vice President Government Relations, Graduation Alliance


Workforce Development
How are companies and organizations recruiting untapped talent pools to meet workforce needs, reviewing hiring practices, utilizing work-based learning, and creating pathways to employment? In this session, elected women learned how states can play a big role in connecting constituents with these initiatives.

Speakers: Commissioner Tiffany Boyle, Commissioner of the Revenue, Newport News, VA, Caroline Hurley, Lead Advisor, Federal Affairs, Society for Human Resource Management, Ashley Blake, Human Resource Director, Target Stores, and Representative Ruth Briggs-King, Delaware State Legislature


Evaluating Education Options & An Investment in Literacy is an Investment in our Future
In a two-part session elected women learned more about school choice, as well as new and interesting educational programs and charter schools. Then, they focused in on how literacy is the currency of the 21st century, and when individuals do not have access to that currency, there are lasting societal impacts. Learn about how literacy as a fundamental human right can address issues that impact our ability to be productive citizens.

Speakers: Speakers Leslie Hiner, Vice President of Programs, EdChoice and Terrie Noland, PhD, CALP, Vice President of Educator Initiatives, Learning Ally


Discussion Session on Cannabis Policy
This session discussed how legalization across the country may be impacting your state, what the implications are regarding the recent presidential pardon, and all the policy considerations to be aware of as a policy maker.

Speakers:  Tiffany Ingram, Associate Director, Public Affairs at Weedmaps, Bridget Hennessey, Vice President of Public Affairs, Weedmaps, Summer Fox, Manager of Policy, Weedmaps


The Rocky Road: Protecting Older Americans from Financial Abuse
Older adults are increasingly the target of financial scams, and many scams go unreported often because the victim feels embarrassed, fears retaliation from scammers, or does not know how to report the crime. This session looked at why Netflix’s Tinder Swindler was made, recent successes fighting elder fraud and how the digitalizing of the financial industry requires more strategies to help protect yourself, loved ones, and constituents from being victimized or unfortunately even re-victimized.

Speakers: Neil Rashley, Senior Vice President and Counsel, South Carolina Bankers Association, and Speaker Anne Larkin, SVP- Business Execution Senior Manager, Wells Fargo


Vapor Landscape Today: The Rise of Disposables and Synthetic Nicotine
Millions of adult smokers should have access to nicotine alternatives that may reduce harm, including vapor products. Although the vapor category is heavily regulated, the growth of disposable and synthetic nicotine products put this public health opportunity at risk. Disposables, including those with synthetic nicotine, have exploded due in part to previous federal regulatory loopholes, including being excluded from flavor restrictions. And, some are potentially avoiding taxation, undermining state revenues.

Speaker: Stephanie R. Harper, Law & External Affairs, Reynolds American, NFWL Board

Deep Dive on the History of Finance
This session walked through the history of financial services, and what elected woman can keep in mind for their constituents.

Speakers: Harold A. Black, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Finance at the University of Tennessee and Tracy Sandin, Senior Vice President of Government & Public Relations, Security Finance

Advancing Digital Equity and Inclusion In Your State
The COVID-19 pandemic accentuated the importance of connecting every household and business with high-speed internet. This renewed focus on broadband availability and digital adoption has resulted in a significant policy focus and investment in broadband, including $65 billon made available for broadband through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This session explored some of the programs established by the IIJA, including the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program, and talk a bit about why it is critical to advance digital equity and inclusion in your state.

Speakers: Assemblywoman Carol Murphy, New Jersey State Legislature, Marva Johnson, Group Vice President, State Government Affairs, Charter Communications South Region, Lisa McCabe, Director, State Legislative Affairs, CTIA, The Wireless Association, Kathy Schwarting, MHA
Chief Executive Officer, Palmetto Care Connections


Connect with your roundtable host

  • Early Childhood Education: Learn more about a pilot program based on Annabelle’s Best Ever books and animated videos, with curriculum based on state early learning standards and how this content can be customized for your state. Table Hosts: Rhonda Atkins Leonard, Author and Illustrator, SC Representative Rita Allison, and Quincie Moore, Educational Consultant
  • Intersection of State & Federal Healthcare Policy: Learn more about AFP’s initiatives and how you can get the data you need to make change in your state. Table Hosts: Melissa Fausz and Josselin Castillo, Americans for Prosperity
  • Deep Dive into Broadband Access: Continue the discussion from the previous plenary, and take the time to further ask your questions about IIJA and Broadband Grant Programs that will be administered through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and Digital Equity Act (DEA) program funding ($2.75 billion). Table Host: Marva Johnson, Charter Communications
  • Wireless Update: Continue the discussion from the previous panel, and take the time to further ask your questions about everything wireless in your community. Table Host: Lisa McCabe, CTIA
  • Criminal Justice Reform: Our national dialogue about public safety is dominated by partisanship, ideology, and abstractions. At this roundtable, listen to Stand Together’s evidence-based, actionable plan for improving public safety that recognizes the necessity and responsibility of both law enforcement and community organizations in preventing and responding to serious crime. Table Host: Candace Carroll & Greg Glod, Stand Together
  • Education Ideas & Solutions: This table will feature Charter One, a school management platform that helps streamline operations, curriculum, accounting, academics, marketing, human resources, information technology, and compliance around the US. Learn more about how your community can utilize platforms like these to better serve students and their families first. Table Host: Beth Atwater, Charter One
  • The Importance of Telehealth Access: This table will provide more information on how Palmetto Care Connections brings technology, broadband, and telehealth solutions to health care providers in rural and underserved areas in South Carolina. Table Host: Kathy Schwarting, MHA, Palmetto Care Connections
  • Building Your Social Media Toolkit: Focus on key strategies for social media including brand building, online presence, organic social media, and paid advertising. Table Host: Christiana Purves, Vice President, Laurens Group