Sponsorship Opportunities

NFWL is always open to new partnerships. For more information about what is listed below or to share your partnership idea, contact: Christine Hall, NFWL Director of Development at christine@womenlegislators.org and Jody Thomas, NFWL Executive Director, jody@womenlegislators.org

Support us all year!

Cheers to 2024! Let’s get together again.

Develop a campaign with NFWL to connect with elected women and bring people together for interesting bipartisan discussions.

Annual Conference Opportunities –

Healthcare Summit –

  • Thursday, August 1st  Friday August 2nd at the Hotel Chicago Downtown
  • NFWL is currently developing the program which will include a deep dive on mental health, affordability of healthcare, and more. Access the opportunities to support HERE.
  • This event will be a follow up to our Healthcare Summit last year as we build upon the topics  we worked through with our first group. We also host summits on other issues, topics we choose in development with our Board and interested partners. Some of our other successful events include our 2019 Marijuana Policy Summit and  2018 Workforce Development Summit.

Podcast: Elected Women Across America 

  • Be featured as a sponsor of the organization at the start and mid-point of an episode. – $2,500
  • Develop an episode with NFWL team. – $6,000

Webinar – $10,000

  • Host a webinar on our Zoom platform and we’ll invite the elected women to our network. We’ll do the recruiting, set up an elected women to facilitate and do an introduction, and invite you to lead the presentation and discussion. Take a full hour to dive deep on a topic, and we’ll work together to get timely resources in the hands of elected women as follow-up.

Leadership Academy – $15,000

  • Support the professional development of elected women and NFWL’s work with CliftonStrengths. With digital and in-person offerings customized to best highlight the ways elected women can access opportunities for development and success.

Digital Ideas – 

  • We are a creative group and like to try new ideas. Work with us to design an online platform for your content.
  • We communicate to 5,000 elected women on a regular basis through email and social media.

Dome Tours – $6,000

  • Host a gathering of elected women with NFWL at a state capitol near you.