Assemblywomen Jen Lunsford (NY)



What community group are you working with to distribute the donation?

The National Council of Jewish Women (Greater Rochester).

Their mission is to strive for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.

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Why is it important to address this issue in your community?

Period Poverty is happening everywhere, and it’s the type of need that goes unnoticed by many because people don’t want to talk about it. There is still somehow stigma attached to menstruation, even though more than half of the world’s population will menstruate for a “period” of time in their lives. Giving out free supplies via Pad Parties lowers the barriers for those in need, and without judgement or asking anything in return.


What are you doing as an elected official to support policy measures that impact period product access?

The New York State Assembly passed a bill that was signed into law by the Governor that removed the state and local sales taxes on tampons and similar hygiene products, which removed the gender-based tax on normal, biological functions. This helped to mark the beginning of the end of the taboo that surrounds women’s health and menstruation.


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