CliftonStrengths 104 – Utilizing Your CliftonStrengths® Report

Once you’ve identified your unique talents, you can begin to explore customized resources best suited to your path to success as a leader. Dig into your CliftonStrengths Report and the comprehensive Gallup® Online Resources in Utilizing Your CliftonStrengths® Report.

In this workshop, you’ll uncover a pathway for developing your individual strengths into even greater leadership assets. Through the extensive tools and resources on Gallup’s Access platform, we’ll highlight different ways to unlock the highly actionable content in your CliftonStrengths® report. Through a combination of awareness, responsibility, and strengths-based strategies, this workshop can help you to understand how best to employ your Strengths and even manage your weaknesses.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Unlock the resources and tools available through the Gallup® Access Platform
  • Learn to navigate your CliftonStrengths® profile


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