CliftonStrengths 106 – Using Your Strengths to Promote Wellbeing

One of the most powerful actions a leader can take is to model behaviors that promote wellbeing on their teams. In Using Your Strengths to Promote Wellbeing, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how thriving in life contributes to success in your work through exclusive Gallup research.

In this workshop, you’ll access the 5 common elements that people need to thrive in their lives, discovered by Gallup researchers. In identifying and utilizing your Strengths, you’ll find these common elements are valuable tools, moving you toward thriving in what you do every day for stronger relationships, a more secure financial life, good health, and greater community.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the cost of poor wellbeing on your leadership skills
  • Discover Gallup’s 5 Elements of Wellbeing
  • Set customized wellness goals centered around your CliftonStrengths


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