Chair: Sen. Penry Gustafson (SC)

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the proposed Board of Directors slate reflects the general membership to include geography, elected position, and party affiliation
  • Present the Directors’ slate at the Annual Conference to be put to a membership vote
  • Work in conjunction with the Chair in appointing members to committees and Committee Chairs
  • Electronically share the slate with the membership 30 days in advance of the Annual Conference

Members: County Commissioner Martha Scott (MI), Rep. DeLena Johnson (AK), Asw. Carol Murphy (NJ), Sen. Tina Maharath (OH), Rep. Lisa Meier (ND), Committeewoman Lorraine Hatcher (NJ), Rep. Kathleen Dillingham (ME), Municipal Chair Michelle Arnold (NJ), Rep. Donna Baringer (MO), Mayor Deb Buzby-Cope (NJ), Councilwoman Kate Kennedy (MD), Sen. Margie Bright-Matthews (SC), Rep. Maria Robinson (MA), Rep. Sandra Scott (GA)