Confirmed Conference Topics

Civil Discourse

NFWL is committed to promoting a renewed political culture built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust; to increase civility and collaboration among legislators of all ideologies; and inspire legislators to take positive steps to diminish the partisan divide that threatens the health of our democracy. By developing the expertise of women leaders, we are confident they will rise to the top and move the needle in their communities.



Get Smart about Cities

5G, The Internet of Things, Datacenter infrastructure –In the current world, where everyone and everything becomes connected through data from billions of sensors everywhere, there is a renewed opportunity to enhance the way people live and work each day -to make the world more productive, smart, safe and sustainable. This session at NFWL’s conference will answer your questions about just what makes a city “smart.”


Preventative Care & Healthcare Reform

Given the fluidity of the healthcare landscape, states must be continually adaptable as they respond to providers and constituents needs. Programs that put an emphasis on outcomes and preventative treatments are key in maintaining a healthy population. NFWL will look at programs that work, and identify ways states can develop a system that works for them.



Child Abuse & Human Trafficking

States know that when all children don’t have the opportunity for healthy growth and development, we put our future as a society at risk. In order to promote the healthy development of children, we must prevent child abuse before it can occur. There are many effective child development efforts being implemented around the country and NFWL is excited to learn more.  



And more!

Workforce Development, Energy & the Electric Grid, Financial Service and Baby Boomers, Occupational Licensing, Automobile Safety & Innovation, and the Future of Food.