Lessons and Trends from Early Adopters

Want to learn more about the successes of other cities? Click the links below to view case studies from cities across America and around the world.

National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) + Department of CommerceBroadband Key to Smart Cities

  • States Examined: Alabama and Mississippi


Department of TransportationSmart City Challenge: Lessons for Building Cities of the Future

  • Cities Examined: Austin (TX), Columbus (OH), Denver (CO), Kansas City (MO), Pittsburgh (PA), Portland (OR), San Francisco (CA)


The Wall Street Journal: The Rise of the Smart City

  • Cities Examined: Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), Kansas City (MO), Louisville (KY), Los Angeles (CA), Mobile (AL), New Orleans (LA)


National League of Cities: Trends in Smart City Development

  • Cities Examined: Charlotte (NC), Chicago (IL), New Delhi (India), Philadelphia (PA), San Francisco (CA)


Digi.City: Entrepreneurial Lessons from Tampa’s Smart City Quest 

  • City Examined: Tampa (FL)


Mobile Future: Get Smart: The Ground-Up Revolution to Connect and Transform American Communities

  • Cities Examined: Atlanta (GA), Barcelona (Spain), Centerville (GA), Charlotte (NC), Chicago (IL), Columbus (OH), Gwinnett County (GA), Kansas City (MO), Kirkland (WA), Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), Montgomery County (MD), Sao Jose Dos Campos (Brazil), Schenectady (NY)