NFWL Leadership Academy



NFWL empowers leaders to drive positive change by providing impactful and professional training at our Annual Conferences, Summits and through our digital platform.

Harnessing the power of The Gallup® Organization’s CliftonStrengths® assessment tool, each Leadership Series workshop is designed to help you identify where you excel and maximize your leadership potential by leveraging your greatest strengths.


101: Unlocking Your Unique Strengths

Success in leadership begins with understanding — both yourself and your team. Uncover the foundations of your leadership style in the introductory workshop to Gallup’s CliftonStrengths®

June 27: 4-5pm ET


102: Leveraging Your Natural Talents for Success

Good leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all recipe- a dash of decisiveness and sprinkle of delegation take on unique flavors for each leader. Refine your formula for success in Leveraging Your Natural Talents For Success.

June 27: 5-6pm ET


103: Mastering Your Leadership Strengths Domain

Collaboration is a cornerstone of effective leadership, and building an effective team is an integral step in the path to success. In Mastering Your Leadership Strengths Domain, you’ll learn to maximize your optimal place on your team, and identify the strengths of those who should surround you to best achieve your goals.



104: Utilizing Your CliftonStrengths Report

Once you’ve identified your unique talents, you can begin to explore customized resources best suited to your path to success as a leader. Dig into your CliftonStrengths Report and the comprehensive Gallup® Online Resources in Utilizing Your CliftonStrengths Report.


105: Using Strengths for Goal-Setting

Finding motivation in your team’s path to success is crucial for any leader. Goal-setting is an important marker on that path for instilling a sense of achievement in yourself and those you lead. Learn to set even more effective goals with your unique Strengths in mind in Discovering Strengths-Based Goal Setting.


106: Using Your Strengths to Promote Wellbeing

One of the most powerful actions a leader can take is to model behaviors that promote wellbeing on their teams. In Using Your Strengths to Promote Wellbeing, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how thriving in life contributes to success in your work through exclusive Gallup research.

June 6: 4-5pm ET


107: Using your Strengths to Manage Burnout and Stress

Burnout is one of the most pressing issues facing leaders and the global workforce.  As employee stress levels have continued to rise over the past decade, so has the need for leaders and organizations to take steps to combat employee burnout.  In Managing Stress and Burnout Using Strengths, you’ll learn how your and your team’s Strengths inform your response to workplace stress and how to use those Strengths to prevent burnout.

June 6: 5-6pm ET


Manager’s Series – Coming Soon

201: Leading Through Strengths

202: 7 Expectations of Leaders

203: CliftonStrengths® Manager’s Report

204: Using Strengths to Accomplish Your Goals

205: Managers/Leaders – Strengths Discovery Guide

206: Building a Strengths-Based Team