NFWL Resolutions Requirements

All Resolutions must be submitted to thirty days prior to the Conference or Summit for consideration by the NFWL Policy Committee.

    1. Resolutions will only be considered for introduction if a presentation on the topic has been made at an NFWL event by a qualifying presenter.
    2. Resolution draft should be submitted to the NFWL Policy Committee no later than thirty days prior to the Summit or Annual Conference.
    3. A brief, one paragraph statement must accompany each resolution, providing any necessary background to understand the context.
    4. A limited number of resolutions will be presented at the Summit or Annual Conference, as determined by the Policy Committee.
    5. Only one Resolution can be introduced per issue area and it must be directly connected to the topic discussed in your session.
    6. NFWL reserves the right to (a) reject a proposed resolution, and/or (b) edit and produce the final version introduced to conference attendees.
    7. Resolutions will be formally presented for a vote during the Annual Conference. At that time, NFWL leadership will invite Q&A from legislators on each Resolution. Policy experts are strongly encouraged to be on hand to address any questions and/or concerns.
    8. Resolutions can only be introduced by a sitting legislator attending the conference. NFWL can assist you in obtaining legislators.
    9. Resolutions will be shared with legislators prior to the vote.
    10. The vote will occur via a voice vote and/or electronic voting. Results will be announced immediately.

For more information, contact: Brenna Kehew Sculley at or (401) 578-0389.