A NFWL Dome Tour brings together elected women and NFWL sponsors for a fun networking breakfast, lunch, or evening reception in or near the state capitol. The NFWL Chair and fellow board members host these social gatherings with elected women from across the state to share more information about NFWL and invite attendees to participate in the foundation’s programs.

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Past Events

2018 Dome Tours

Dover, Delaware

NFWL State Directors Representative Ruth Briggs-King and Representative Stephanie T. Bolden co-hosted a dome tour June 13th, 2018 that welcomed women elected officials from throughout the state to gather, network and engage. Guests included councilwomen from several localities, Delaware state legislators, NFWL Board Member  Rep. Helene Keeley, and the Lieutenant Governor, Bethany Hall-Long.

2017 Dome Tours

Phoenix, AZ

On April 5, NFWL traveled to the Arizona State Capitol for a luncheon reception, co-hosted by NFWL Arizona State Director Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Representative Brenda Barton, Senator Katie Hobbs, and Representative Maria Syms. Director of Arizona’s Department of Veterans’ Services, Colonel Wanda Wright, spoke at the event about Arizona’s work regarding women veterans. A veteran herself, NFWL Board Member Georgia State Representative Sandra Scott represented NFWL at the event and shared her NFWL experience with Arizona’s elected women. Arizona Public Service and GJJAMS Foundation sponsored the afternoon event.

Frankfort, KY

On March 29, NFWL State Director County Clerk Lynn Hesselbrock and State Treasurer Allison Ball hosted NFWL for a Dome Tour luncheon to speak with Kentucky’s elected women. NFWL Immediate Past Chair and Delaware State Representative Helene Keeley also attended. Reynolds American Inc. sponsored the event, discussing one of their operating companies’ work to create an ebola vaccination.

Salem, OR

NFWL held an evening reception at Bentley’s Grill on Thursday, March 16th. Oregon State Senator and NFWL State Director Jackie Winters hosted her fellow elected women for the reception. NFWL Past Chair and New Jersey State Senator Diane Allen was in attendance to speak with Oregon elected women. The event was hosted by Walmart.


Olympia, WA

At a luncheon in the Washington State Capitol on Wednesday, March 15th, NFWL and Senator Jan Angel, Senator Lynda Wilson, Senator Annette Cleveland, and Representative Sharon Wylie hosted 25 elected women. NFWL Past Chair and New Jersey State Senator Diane Allen shared her NFWL experience with Washington’s elected women. The event was hosted by Walmart.

2016 Dome Tours

Harrisburg, PA

On Monday, October 17th, NFWL’s State Director Pennsylvania State Representative Tarah Toohil hosted a reception at the Pennsylvania State Capitol. NFWL’s Executive Director Jody Thomas was among the 20+ elected women in attendance for the Evening Reception in the Main Rotunda at the Main Capitol Building.

Cleveland, OH

More than 25 local and state elected women from around the country joined NFWL on July 19th for our Inspiring Women’s Luncheon during the Republican National Convention. Pictured here is Kentucky Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton, NFWL Kentucky State Director County Clerk Lynn Hesselbrock, and Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

Philadelphia, PA

NFWL Chair Delaware Representative Helene Keeley, Georgia State Director Rep. Sharon Beasley Teague, & Virginia State Director Councilwoman Amelia Ross-Hammond, were among the 20+ elected women in attendance at our Inspiring Women’s Luncheon on July 26th during the Democratic National Convention.

Little Rock, AR

On Wednesday, April 27th, NFWL State Director, Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith, hosted elected women for an evening reception at Next Level Events in Little Rock, Arkansas. Attendees were joined by NFWL Chair, Delaware Representative Helene Keeley, and welcomed by Arkansas First Lady, Susan Hutchinson. The event was hosted by Walmart

Washington, D.C.

Elected women from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia joined NFWL Board Members, New Jersey Senator Diane Allen and Baltimore Councilwoman Helen Holton, for a luncheon at the Hamilton Restaurant in Washington, D.C. on Friday, February 26th. The event was hosted by NFWL D.C. State Director, Washington D.C. Councilwoman Yvette Alexander.

2015 Dome Tours

Topeka, KS

NFWL Board Member Senator Elaine Bowers and KS State Director Representative Ponka-We Victors hosted a breakfast in the Capitol Visitor’s Center on Thursday, April 30th, in which NFWL Chair Senator Diane Allen met with elected women on the state and local level of Kansas.

Oklahoma City, OK

On Wednesday, April 29th, NFWL Chair Senator Diane Allen attended “Lunch in the Capitol” with elected women of Oklahoma. The event was sponsored by The Chickasaw Nation and hosted by State Director Representative Pam Peterson, NFWL Board Member Tribal Legislator Dean McManus, Representative Leslie Osborn, Senator Anastasia Pittman, Senator Kay Floyd, Senator Stephanie Bice and Speaker Pro-Tempore Lee Denney.

Helena, MT

NFWL Board Member, Minnesota Senator Carrie Ruud, engaged with the women of the the Montana State House and Senate during an evening reception at The Montana Club on Tuesday, April 7th. The event was hosted by MT State Director Representative Kimberly Dudik and Representative Sarah Laszloffy.

Raleigh, NC

NC State Director Representative Rosa Gill, Senator Tamara Barringer, Representative Pat Hurley and Representative Bobbie Richardson partnered with our sponsor, Reynolds American Inc. to host an evening reception at the North Carolina Museum of History on Tuesday, April 7th. Senator Allen visited with more than 15 NC elected women at the event.

Tallahassee, FL

Senator Allen met with Florida elected women at an evening reception hosted by FL State Director Representative Holly Raschein, NFWL Board Member Representative Gayle Harrell, Representative Lori Berman and Senator Geraldine Thompson on Wednesday, April 1st, at the Florida Historic Capitol in Tallahassee. The event was sponsored by Casey Family Programs.

Columbia, SC

On Thursday, February 19th, Senator Allen traveled to visit the elected women of South Carolina for a breakfast reception on Capitol grounds. The event was hosted by SC State Director Senator Katrina Shealy, NFWL Immediate Past Chair Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson and 2014 NFWL Elected Woman of Excellence Award recipient Representative Mandy Powers Norrell.

2014 Dome Tours

Harrisburg, PA

Senator Allen visited the elected women of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, June 17th, with a breakfast reception in coordination with our partners at Casey Family Programs. The event was hosted by Representative Tina Davis.

Wilmington, DE

On May 13, 2014 Senator Allen traveled to Wilmington, Delaware for a lunch reception with some of the elected women of Delaware. Representative Helene Keeley, Speaker Pro Tempore of the Delaware House of Representatives was our partner for the event.

St. Paul, MN

Senator Allen finished her Midwestern trip with an evening reception in St. Paul, Minnesota. Senator Carrie Ruud, Minnesota State Director for the National Foundation for Women Legislators, was our host. NFWL Member Representative Pam Myhra also assisted in recruiting colleagues to our event. The reception was held at Forepaugh’s Restaurant in downtown St. Paul. NFWL would also like to thank Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. for helping to host the event.

Madison, WI

The Second leg of Senator Allen’s tour of the Midwest was Madison, Wisconsin. The evening started with a reception hosted by Representative Kathy Bernier and other elected women from Wisconsin, including NFWL Member Representative Melissa Sargent. Senator Allen then had the opportunity to attend the Wisconsin Women in Government’s 27th Annual Recognition and Scholarship Gala with legislators from across the state.

Lansing, MI

Senator Allen Kicked off her tour of the Midwest on Tuesday, May 6th with a breakfast reception for the elected women of Michigan. Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi was our host. Casey Family Programs also had the opportunity to present and we would like to thank them for their support.