June 10 – National Children’s Day

Day of Action June 10th – National Children’s Day

June 10 is National Children’s Day. At NFWL, we decided to use this day to raise awareness of human trafficking, an industry where the average age of the victim is between 12 and 14 years old. Our elected women are dedicated to making this country a better place for the next generation, so we asked them to use their platform and spread the word about human trafficking through our #CherishOurChildren Challenge.

The result was that elected women from more than fifteen states committed to raise awareness about this heinous crime, either through social media campaigns or by hosting a Red Sand Project.

Checkout our photo slideshow from this year below;

Day of Action 2018


How Do I Get Involved Next Year?

1. Commit to Action

Announce today on social media that you are committing to take action on June 10 and tag 10 elected women to challenge them to do the same. There are two actions listed below that you can choose to commit to on social media. As June 10 gets closer, continue to challenge other elected women and engage with NFWL online using @electedwomen and #CherishOurChildren.

  • Host a Red Sand Project Event

The Red Sand Project is an interactive art exhibition designed to raise awareness of human trafficking. By placing red sand in concrete cracks, the project brings attention to those who have fallen through the cracks in society. Visit their site to host an event.

  • Raise Awareness on Social Media

NFWL has prepared a wide variety of printable posters for you to share on social media on June 10. Simply a pick a poster you like, print it, snap a picture with your poster, and post it.

2. Post on June 10

On National Children’s Day, post a picture of your action (Host a Red Sand Project Event or Raise Awareness on Social Media), tagging @electedwomen and #CherishOurChildren. Help us spread the word about human trafficking on this day.