Renee Dabbs

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Renee leads all NFWL projects related to strategy and the best approach to achieving the organization’s goals. She has spent a career working at the highest level to ensure that organizations, like NFWL, drive results. She is the principal at Renee Dabbs, LLC where she provides clients with strategic, operational and sales expertise. She has a passion for leading organizations to exceed expectation as well as deliver sustainable results. She brings order to chaos. Renee has spent a lifetime supporting women and is the founder of WEWILL Symposium where she helps women become more engaged in the political process. She also is a board member of Women’s Exchange, an organization that works toward getting more women government appointments. Renee’s business background includes serving as the COO of a top tier Republican media production firm in Florida. Before that she built a sixteen-year track record of success with Procter and Gamble, rising to a senior management position with oversight of a $220 million business and a multi-million dollar marketing client.