Women’s History Month 2023



This March, we join women across the nation as we celebrate women’s contributions to history, culture and society. NFWL is honoring Women’s History Month by providing ways for you to celebrate digitally.

Tag us on Facebook and Twitter to share how you are celebrating, and use our platform to connect. We’ve included a few things we’re still doing digitally to celebrate, and if the social distancing somehow gives you time on your hands, we hope you can do something celebratory and fun! Read on to find out how to celebrate Women’s History Month this year!


  1. Write a Letter of Appreciation-A few simple words to acknowledge how another woman has inspired you can mean a lot to her. Take the time to send a note to another elected woman you have met at a past NFWL conference, or someone across the aisle with whom you’ve been meaning to connect. If you need an address of an elected woman, email ayushi@womenlegislators.org.


  1. Feature a Woman-Owned Business-March is a perfect time to show your solidarity with tenacious leaders, entrepreneurs, and service providers. Email ayushi@womenlegislators.org and celebrate this business with us as we highlight them on our social accounts.


  1. Share Your Favorite Quotes-Share with us your favorite quotes from wise women in history and help spread some inspiration. Tag us on Facebook and Twitter @electedwomen.


  1. Ted Talks-There are plenty of talks from female speakers that are sure to empower you! View this playlist that highlight the 10 talks by women that everyone should watch HERE.


  1. Read a Book-Check out this list of must-read books by incredible women HERE.


  1. Empowerment Playlist-Jam out to great girl power songs and be reminded of the strong and powerful woman you are! Access our Youtube Playlist HERE.


  1. SHERO Quiz-Take this super fun Shero Quiz to identify what fearless woman you are.


  1. History Lesson-View a timeline of notable events in U.S. women’s history HERE. Take a moment to reflect or even learn something new about the women that have paved the way.


  1. Watch Your Favorite Heroine on the Big Screen-Grab some popcorn and watch a great movie from this list that will inspire you and teach young girls about courage.


  1. Treat Yourself-We can’t stress the importance of self-love… Do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug, and know that we are so thankful that women like you are in office.