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Women Legislators!

Women are the fastest rising force in American politics.

From Washington to local city councils, women are making a big difference in politics and how our country is run. Over the past 75 years, women have been making strides towards making American democracy more representative and inclusive.

That’s where the National Foundation for Women Legislators comes in. We know that only through working together we can achieve our goals. NFWL is here to be a resource for all elected women, from the State House to the White House. We want women to run for office, lead their colleagues, and have the information they need to make these important decisions.

If you are a member, please use this website as a resource to learn about our policy areas and network with your colleagues. If you are not a member, but still a woman legislator, we hope you’ll join us on this journey! And if you are a member of the public, there is plenty for you to learn from facts about female legislators to various programs NFWL hosts throughout the year.


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The National Foundation for Women Legislators has a lot to offer women from all levels of government, from policy education to leadership development. Members also are eligible for scholarship to our Annual Conference in Philadelphia, November 19-22! Read more about the perks of Membership on the next page!

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This year we hope you’ll join legislators from across the country at NFWL’s Annual Conference. We are excited about having our Conference in Philadelphia, PA on November 19-22. Only at NFWL’s Annual Conference can you get the perspectives of women from across our nation, at all levels of government, on the most pressing issues of our day.

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The National Foundation for Women Legislators is proud to host policy committees to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the nation today. Our policy committees are made up of legislators who investigate issues, pass resolutions and present model legislation that can work as a template across the country.

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Leadership Development!

At the National Foundation for Women Legislators we want our members not only to run for office, but to lead. That is why we’re putting together a Leadership Development Program for our members to sharpen their skills and make the biggest impact in their community.

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