2022 Committees

NFWL Committee Members play a vital role in all aspects of our organization. They work to develop future NFWL events and programs, while also contributing to the development of the organization as a whole. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please let us know by completing a Willingness to Serve form.

Past Committees

2022 Committees

Chair: Senator Donna Kim (HI)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Review the existing bylaws
  • Recommend changes
  • Present subsequent changes at the annual general membership meeting
  • Ensure the organization is in compliance with the bylaws

Members:  Rep. Sandra Scott (GA), Rep. Tavia Galonski (OH), Clerk Lynn Hesselbrock (KY), Rep. Christine Watkins (UT)

Co-Chairs: Rep. Julie Emerson (LA) & Sharon Lamberton (PhRMA)

Committee Responsibilities:

The Development Committee has oversight of the fundraising for NFWL and its programs, including the following responsibilities:

  • Review the fundraising plan and tools
  • Provide monthly review of the list of potential sponsors
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Director for potential sponsors
  • Reach out to corporations, associations, foundations and individuals for program underwriting and to individual NFWL members and State Directors for fundraising avenues
  • Work with State Directors to assist them in their fundraising activities
  • Attend meetings and calls of the committee


Sen. Katrina Shealy (SC), Laura Berrocal (Charter), Rep. Karen Camper (TN), Christine Csizmadia (Nuclear Energy Institute), Emily Dickens (SHRM), Rep. Julie Emerson (LA), Millie Hallow (National Rifle Association), Stephanie Harper (Reynolds American), Dereice Harrington (Pepsico), Bridget Hennessey (Weedmaps), Sen. Donna Kim (HI), Sharon Lamberton (PhRMA), Steve Lezman (Pepsico), Lyndsay Moyer (Comcast), Sarah Pierce (Kimberly Clark)


Chair: Rep. Tarah Toohil (PA)

Committee Responsibilities:

Using their expansive network of connections in areas across the world, this committee will:

  • Establish relationships with individuals, organizations, corporations, and government officials in regions outside the United States
  • Identify and assess international travel opportunities, as well as the merits of such a trip
  • Build a transparent set of criteria and develop a review process for selecting trip participants to be approved by the Committee Chair and Board of Directors
  • Be responsible for selecting trip participants, using the approved criteria and process

Members: Mayor Michelle Arnold (NJ), Rep. Kim Schofield (GA), Mayor Deb Buzby-Cope (NJ), Rep. Rena Moran (MN), Councilwoman Sherri Downing (MD), County Councilwoman Erin Long Bergeson (SC), Councilwoman Lydia Assefa-Dawson (WA), Former Senator Ann Rydalch (ID), Councilwoman Sharon Scott (VA)

Chair: Rep. Ruth Briggs-King (DE)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the proposed Board of Directors slate reflects the general membership to include geography, elected position, and party affiliation
  • Present the Directors’ slate at the Annual Conference to be put to a membership vote
  • Work in conjunction with the Chair in appointing members to committees and Committee Chairs
  • Electronically share the slate with the membership 30 days in advance of the Annual Conference

Members: County Commissioner Martha Scott (MI), Rep. Sharon Beasley-Teague (GA), Councilwoman Adrienne Fraley-Monillas (WA), Rep. Delena Johnson (AK), Asw. Carol Murphy (NJ), Rep. Maria Robinson (MA), Rep. Lisa Meier (ND), Committeewoman Lorraine Hatcher (NJ), Rep. Kathleen Dillingham (ME), Mayor Amy Bublak (CA), Rep.

Co-Chairs: Rep. Sandra Scott (GA) & Lyndsay Moyer (Comcast, NBCUniversal)

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Remain informed on current state and local issues
  • Develop policy areas of focus based on surveys of NFWL membership
  • Identify shared legislation that would be beneficial for NFWL members to have access to
  • Review, evaluate, and approve proposed resolutions to be presented at the Annual Conference
  • Collaborate with NFWL policy staff in the development of policy programming
  • Identify potential policy experts who can disseminate knowledge to NFWL members

Members: Treasurer Allison Ball (KY), Sen. Tonya Anderson (GA), Rep. Pat Hurley (NC), Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet (CO), Rep. Amy Nielsen (IA), Asw. Lisa Krasner (NV), Rep. Linda Joy Sullivan (VT)

Chair: Rep. Lisa Subeck (WI)

Committee Description:

  • Led by the Chair of Membership and composed of the State Directors
  • Direct efforts toward increasing participation in the Foundation’s activities and programs

Members: Click here to view our State Directors.