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Membership in NFWL is automatically granted at no charge to the over 5,000 elected women in the country on the state, county and municipal levels. Stay connected with the organization and take advantage of the resources and opportunities that NFWL has to offer by filling out your Membership Profile today.

Looking for strong leaders like you 
Leadership positions are a great way for members to become more involved with NFWL. From joining one of our many committees, to becoming a State Director or Board Member, we have great opportunities for those who are wanting to help NFWL govern and grow. Fill out our Willingness to Serve form if you are interested in a leadership role.


NFWL Members Enjoy These Benefits: 

Connect: Get to know elected women from both sides of the aisle and expand your network. Build connections and relationships with not only fellow elected women from around the country, but also NFWL sponsors and policy partners from a wide array of fields.

Attend & Enhance Your Skills: Take advantage of NFWL’s travel & lodging scholarships to attend NFWL events across the country and further develop your talents or expertise! From discussing effective governing skills to learning new leadership strategies, attending NFWL events offers more than just relationship building. Our active members who attend conferences, issue summits, focus forums, conference calls, committee meetings, etc. all agree they have grown as legislators.

Learn: Hear from experts on issues that matter to you, and gain the experience you need to rise to the top. Utilize NFWL’s unique Grab ‘n Go programming, comprised of cutting-edge policy resources, program toolkits, and presentation materials. Our exclusive catalog of Shared Legislation facilitates the exchange of diverse legislative ideas between elected women. We are routinely adding new resources to our website.

Be the First to Know:  Get an exclusive first look at programs such as Women’s History Month presentation kits, Women of Excellence Awards, and the NFWL-NRA Student Scholarship Essay Competition. You will also have the opportunity to register for events including Conferences and Issue Summits before they are announced.

Promotion across NFWL Platforms: We have cultivated an active online community of elected women. Do you have a news release or an accomplishment you would like to highlight? NFWL can help through promotion across social media and email campaigns. Email your submissions to Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @electedwomen. We love to show off our members!

Opportunity to Serve in Leadership Roles: Leadership is a main tenant of NFWL’s mission. Elected women have the opportunity to serve as committee members, State Directors, or members of the Board of Directors. You can indicate your desire to fulfill a leadership role in your Membership Profile and Willingness to Serve.