Delegate Holly Siebold (VA)



What community group are you working with to distribute the donation?

BRAWS – Bringing Resources To Aid Women’s Shelters

Their mission is to provide menstrual supplies and new undergarments to women and children in crisis who do not have access to critical, basic needs in our community and around the world.


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Why is it important to address this issue in your community?

According to the Alliance for Period Supplies, 251,382 Virginians of menstruating age (12-44) live below 100% of the Federal Poverty Line. 1 in 5 residents lack the access to period supplies they need. BRAWS’ goal is to ensure individuals have access to menstrual supplies and undergarments in a comprehensive effort to assist in overcoming immediate burdens, provide resources for economic and educational success, aid in achieving stability, as well as increasing long-term health benefits and well-being. To help address this need, BRAWS has distributed over four million pads, tampons, new bras, and underwear to women and children in crisis.


What are you doing as an elected official to support policy measures that impact period product access?

My entry into politics was fueled by this fight for period access. I worked with elected officials across Virginia to change our laws to increase period product access. Through my years of advocacy efforts, women and girls in schools, shelters, and prisons/jails throughout Virginia can now access supplies free of charge and everyone in Virginia can access these products tax-free. Now, as a newly elected official, I will continue this fight as a legislator.



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