Senator Roxanne Persaud (NY)



What community group are you working with to distribute the donation?

The Expecting Relief

Their mission is to create community-based solutions towards poverty, hunger, and miseducation.


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Why is it important to address this issue in your community?

Often times when we think of poverty and food insecurity, homelessness comes to mind. What we don’t necessarily think about is the inability to afford toiletries and items such as tampons and pads. The reality is, people are often too ashamed or embarrassed to bring up the topic of menstrual cycles. Forty million women and girls around the world are affected by period poverty, and the silence must come to an end.


What are you doing as an elected official to support policy measures that impact period product access?

As an elected official, I work with a local community organization to distribute menstrual products to menstruated school-aged kids and adults in my district. My colleagues and I passed a law to provide free menstrual products in public schools across New York. I support several legislation pertaining to this matter. As someone constantly advocating for the end of period poverty, I host a yearly webinar, introduce legislation and resolution to close the gap, and bring awareness.


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